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Few people can navigate the distance between careers in IT mathematics and patient care; however, as an Enterprise Data Architect and Licensed Nurse, Allison Drew has bridged that gap. Allison works as an Enterprise Data Architect for Nordic Consulting, where she integrates data from a variety of hospitals in the UT System on a ground-breaking project entitled UT-HIP. As the first venture of its kind worldwide, UT-HIP will help the UT System understand how to reduce risk, prevent disease and improve prognosis for all Texans. Prior to her work with Nordic, Allison worked as a Supervisor in the IT Department at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for several years. As a thought leader, she is able to combine her IT prowess with her nursing skills to bring unique, innovative solutions to the world of Electronic Healthcare data.

Allison relocated to Houston 15 years ago and has resided within Fort Bend ISD for the last eight years. Being married to FBISD’s Director of Fine Arts, Jim Drew, Allison has become thoroughly familiar with the workings of the District’s administration. She participates in a multitude of District and UIL events, as well as community and social functions, being warmly recognized as the “First Lady of Fine Arts.” She and her husband raise a set of twins who attended Lexington Creek Elementary School and are currently enrolled at Fort Settlement Middle School. Allison is seeking to fill Position 5 on the FBISD Board of Trustees to give back to the community that has so generously supported her children’s educational growth, as well as the growth of all the amazing students across Fort Bend ISD.

Allison Drew was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. Allison’s career has followed in the footsteps of her parents. The daughter of immigrants, Allison’s mother worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse and her father was an Architect and community advocate for minorities and immigrants. They emigrated to the US from Trinidad and Cuba/Jamaica respectively. Allison graduated at the age of 16 from Brooklyn Tech High School and attended Penn State University and Rutgers University, where she majored in Pure Mathematics and minored in TV Journalism. Her early career was spent working on international currency finance for Wall Street hedge funds. To reconnect with serving her community, Allison left Wall Street and moved to Texas in 2004 to attend Memorial Hermann Nursing School. Upon graduation, Allison spent several years working at the Brenham State School, where she treated adults and children with severe physical and mental handicaps. Allison loves to connect with people and has lived in Europe and Africa. She is fluent in Dutch and German and understands Spanish and Portuguese.



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Innovative Solutions

STABILITY: As our school district navigates unprecedented change, we deserve a true leader with the experience to maintain stability on our School Board. As a former Board Member and one of only four FBISD residents that can hold a Board Officer position, such as President, a former member of the Policy and Calendar Committees, electing me allows us to focus on what's important: the students.

PLANNING: I will continue to work with students/educators to understand their needs and challenges in the classroom. As we move forward, emphasis should be placed on retaining staff, mitigating change, and increasing outcomes, while focusing on community and staff input, fostering transparency, and making a collective effort to move our students toward optimal growth. We must increase efforts to reduce inequities in order to stabilize rebalancing/rezoning efforts while maintaining fiscal responsibility through long-range utilization planning.

WHOLE STUDENT: As a Psych Nurse, I advocate for growth and support of the whole student. It is important not to diminish our Athletic, CTE, and Fine Arts programs in the process. Our students and teachers have a tough road ahead and require a Trustee that will be an inclusive voice to express the vision and ideas of our students, community, and staff. Our efforts should be focused on promoting programs such as Guiding Promising Students Mentoring where the community, businesses, and local organizations volunteer to be a part of developing the academic and social-emotional needs of students.

QUALITY EDUCATION: As a former member on the Teacher of the Year Committee, I support teachers by recognizing their achievements and advocating for their input at the District level while providing opportunities for professional growth. While on the Board, I was instrumental in approving funds to promote the quality of our facilities. We must continue to provide quality education in all areas of the District including innovative courses, social-emotional supports, and exemplary programs. We need to find creative ways to recapture students that attend private and charter schools while advocating for more equitable and adequate school funding at the State level.

INNOVATIVE EDUCATION: Our efforts should be focused on maximizing innovative programs and partnering with local industries and other companies such as local plumbers, painters, Microsoft, and Steinway to reinvest in our students' futures. I have been a proponent of new programs of choice including the recently opened CTE Center, P-TECH and Early College High School programs, Early Literacy Centers, Full Day Pre-K, Piano Technician Program, and many more.

EQUALITY: I advocate using innovation and the recent move to online curriculum in order to remove barriers to higher-level courses. I will work for equal access to all programs and courses at every FBISD campus. I will work to ensure all schools are staffed and equipped to keep our children safe and secure.

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