Combined Wisdom

Innovative Solutions

INCLUSION: I will work to foster unification of the multiple Democratic groups in Fort Bend to create a more inclusive powerful Democratic union of voices. It is important for our democracy that we are mindful of pursuing representation from all groups to hold political office, especially at the local level.

RETENTION: As we elect Democrats into political office, it is important to retain these seats through systems that provide continued communication with the members of the Democratic Party. At the same time, we must establish a cycle of educating and sourcing candidates for other offices where we have yet to gain Democrats in seats at the state and local levels.

EDUCATION: Increasing the amount of registered Democratic voters is only the first step to ensuring  Democratic wins. The more critical piece is educating voters on the candidates. We must actively drive participation in all election cycles. We must promote an understanding of the importance of mid-term and local elections. 

PROFESSIONALISM: As a psych nurse, I pride myself in being able to have difficult conversations in a professional manner.  As the face of the Democratic party, it is imperative that we are not only modeling professional behavior that is encouraging for our youth, but also we must be an attractive-not detractive-force for the party. The Party Chair should embody a manner that all would like to be around.

PLANNING: We need to work smart not hard. As a Enterprise Data Architect, my major role is to plan long-term solutions while working with multiple stakeholders. The key to my success is being able to listen to multiple suggestions and drive a solution that is sustainable and inclusive of all perspectives. As we gain seats, we need to focus on being proactive in implementing our Democratic goals, not reactive to the Republican agenda. We win when we stay focused on our end goals. 


TAILORED MESSAGING: To sustain wins at the polls, we must increase voter communication. We can't win solely using fundamental methods that have been successful in the past. As we attract international and younger voters, we must maintain the current methods while incorporating new ways to communicate and meet our Democratic party where they are. Democrats are all-inclusive and we must adapt by using technology, speaking in multiple languages, and seeking input about how we can communicate to voters easier and more effectively.